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Our churches aren’t stopping, but are becoming different types of churches!

As we creatively look for kingdom opportunities, we will focus on what is truly important: we will encourage each other in our faith; remain passionate in our worship and prayer, and look out for one another and caring for each other and being disciples to the world.

Good Friday – please join us for the final hour watch on Friday 10th April at 2:00pm. We have recorded four 15-minute segments so that you can watch them together or with a little space between them. You can download a copy of the Order of Service here.
2:00pm – Talk one.
2:15pm – Talk two – we are currently experiencing problems with this talk; sorry!
2.30pm – Talk three.
2.45pm – Talk four.

Easter Sunday – please join us on Sunday 12th April at 10:00 am by clicking here for our Benefice Sunday worship. You can also down load a copy of the Order of Service here.

For Holy Week we have the following resources that may help you journey through the week:
The Journey of Holy Week at homea day-by-day guide to help you create space for a Bible reading, reflection and objects to create a small sacred space for yourself. To help you we have created a short video of what your space could look like here.
Daily reflection/meditation – to listen to or read from either Prebendary Nick Helm who is a fantastic Herefordshire priest, speaker & writer and a variety of reflections from Hereford Cathedral.
A video – on how to make your own paper palm cross.

You can watch Bishop Richard’s current weekly e-bulletin which is recorded each week.
You can read a reflection recently written by +Anthony here.
You can watch Bishop Anthony’s third Lenten Compline talk on Forgiveness here.
You can watch Bishop Alistair’s reflection on the current crisis here.

TELEPHONE RESOURCES – The Church of England has a freephone prayer line which enables users to listen to pre-recorded prayers which are update each week. The number is 0800 304 7052.

ONLINE RESOURCES – To help support us all within our benefice we have added a number of resources that are available to access or download:

Live Mid-day Prayer – At 12pm on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday we will be saying mid-day prayer online using Zoom conferencing (so we can see and talk in real time). Our short liturgy can be download here. You can find details of how to connect to Zoom here and a simple video tutorial here. And you can join by clicking here. The meeting ID: 304 434 1263 and you will need to enter this to join us. If you are asked for a password it is ’00’. (Alternatively you can join on the telephone. Call 020 8080 6591 and follow the instructions. When promoted enter the meeting ID: 304-434-1263 and press the # key. You may be asked for a participant ID, please just press # at this point).

Morning and Evening Prayer – join along with the clergy saying Morning Prayer and Evening Prayer using this audio recording. We encourage you to download the ‘Spiritual resource booklet‘ and join in with the parts in bold.

A Spiritual Resource booklet – produced for our benefice and giving resources for those unable to attend church covering a range of simple services and prayers that you might find helpful saying throughout the day.

The Church of England has also produced a helpful document about supporting good mental health which you can access here.

The Church of England simple daily offices – produced for those unable to attend church but would like to pray the simple daily offices for Morning Prayer and Compline. You can also use the Church of England’s daily offices on line here, which are updated daily.

There are lots of resources aimed at young children – some of which can be found here.

There are also Prayer resource from the Church of England – regarding Coronavirus liturgy and general prayer resources. And general resources that might help you day-to-day.

If you would like to find churches that are offering services being live streamed (which you can watch from home) you can access them here.

You can also use also access the Church of England’s smart speaker apps which will enable you to access audio content relating to daily prayer and #LiveLent here.